Sunday, January 18, 2004

Twist Stitch Vest


A quick break this past weekend for a nifty vest pattern, the "Twist Stitch Vest" (#8 in Leisure Arts leaflet 3023, "The Big Book of Quick Knit Sweaters"). This is knit from the bottom front, up over the shoulders, down the back. (So the stitches in the back go down, and those in the front point up. Neat.) Two tiny cables in the center, not done with a cable holder, but instead affected via a 4-row sequence of twist stitch* and stockinette. There's cable accenting at the armholes, the neck is basically ignored (I deviated from the pattern and instead of binding off umpteen stitches on one row and then adding on the same number on the next, I just knit umpteen stitches using waste yarn instead of my working yarn, and have now picked those stitches up to have a more-or-less oval hole for my head. Don't know what I'll do for the neck stitches. Might just bind 'em off. We'll see.) I like vests, but am also a sweater fan, AND I have enough it looks like I'll pick up stitches at the armholes and knit sleeves.

The neat thing (one neat thing, actually) about this project is that there's no shoulder seam(s). All seams will be under the arm and down the side -- hardly visible.

The other neat thing is that I started this at 8pm on a Saturday night, knit will watching the late movie(s), knit all day on Sunday, and finished the back (about 6 inches of knitting) on Monday night. If I hadn't decided to do sleeves, I would have been BLOCKING AND SEAMING this thing 2 days -- 2 days!! -- after starting it. I feel like I've just established my knitting cred. I am a knitter. Wow.

Finished in Tennessee during a family reunion -- and yes, I had enough yarn to do sleeves. Here it is.

[*] Twist stitch? Takes up the next 3 stitches on your left-hand needles. Instead of knitting off normally, knit into #2, leave on needle, knit into #3, leave on needle, then knit into #1, sliding all three off onto the right-hand needle. Knit stockinette normally for the next 3 rows. Poof. Easy.

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