Monday, February 14, 2005

'Cause the White House is for Lovers

What the hell, let's talk about PropaGannonGate, aka "The Manchurian Beefcake Candidate".

So, there's this guy, see? He's a journalist for a conservative "news" site (Talon News), having something to do with, though they're scrambling to disown him now. He likes to ask very slanted questions of Scott McClellan, of the "Has <name of liberal here> stopped beating his wife yet?" variety.

People (bloggers) think to themselves...Hm! Who is this schmuck lobbing softballs at the Prez like there's no tomorrow?

Hey! Who is this schmuck who's actually getting to ask the Prez a question? (We all know how much this President loves to give press conferences.)

Hey!! Who is this schmuck who maybe got to see the Valerie Plame Leak Memo?

Well, who this schmuck is, apparently, a gay hooker.

So he ain't all bad.

Reporter with prostitution links and false name got access to Bush: Questions surface on relationship with White House staff

EXPOSE: A man called Jeff

Propaganda-Gate: Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert Still Does Not Get It

[T]here is only one real story here. That is that for the past few years a man with a fake name, working for a fake news agency, infiltrated the White House Press Pool. That fake reporter then was relied upon by Scott McClellan and even George W. Bush in press conferences, where he would serve up the most inane, partisan, softball questions imaginable that had ZERO journalistic integrity and value. This same fake reporter may have got his hands on a secret internal CIA memo that he mentioned in an interview he had with Valerie Plame's husband, former ambassador and administration critic Joseph Wilson. This is the only story. This is a serious story. This is a story that needs REAL journalism to get to the bottom of.

There is only one story here and that is the continuing unraveling of the propaganda machine utilized by this administration. It is not “Gannongate”, because Jeff/Jim does not deserve that much attention. It is about Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher, and Michael McManus. It is about an administration that thinks it can massage the truth, frame the truth, buy the truth or create the truth. It is about a President that thinks that it is ok to have Karl Rove give an exclusive interview to Sean Hannity so he can pimp the social security scam, and call it journalism. It is the abhorrent practice this administration has in assuming that the American people are just too plain stupid to realize that they are being manipulated and lied to.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

How Do You Spell 'Education'?

Previously Untargeted Programs at Risk

The White House released the list of program cuts in response to congressional requests, sending it to lawmakers late on a Friday afternoon, when it would receive relatively little attention heading into the weekend.

Typical Administration manevouring.

The timing underscored the political calculations involved as Bush attempts to fulfill his vow to cut the federal deficit in half by 2009 while still paying for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and financing his ambitious proposal to restructure Social Security. While it may be politically advantageous to announce that 154 programs would be eliminated or reduced, it becomes far dicier on Capitol Hill once they are identified.

The White House claims these programs "don't work well". But basically, the White House just wants all money to go to funding federal counterterrorism efforts, and nothing else.

The NEA thinks this sucks.

Budget Should Reflect Americans' Values

"On Monday, parents, educators, and school employees will learn how the Administration plans to invest in America's public schools for the coming year. America's teachers and education employees agree with the President when he says that for America to succeed in the future, we must invest in children today."

So let's invest in them, instead of chopping 100,000 students out of their Pell Grant eligibility.

NEA Press Center

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