Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Post office proposes requiring ID on mail

I'm completely sans comment at the moment, just raising my eyebrow and making confused noises. What? Who? How?
New Blog

New (to me), interesting group blog, emphasizing women and technology: Misbehaving.net
Revisionist History Redux

Enabling historical revisionism. (Linked elsewhere in the blogverse, natch.)

There's nothing stopping me, personally, physically, from writing a search that ignores the robots.txt file. I might just do it. Or maybe some kind of WH site-mirror that strips the HTML header off the file (might be copyright issues with that) so that copy would then get indexed normally. Hm. Hm. HM. A possible new project.

Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Principles of Economics link via Discourse.net . 13-year-old and 10-year-old offspring, discussing Dad's textbook. Quite funny.
Today's Pres Press Briefing

Was quite long, I lucked out in hearing the whole thing, and of course there are several things I could comment on, but equally of course I was in bed just waking up and didn't take notes. (That habit probably needs to change.)

One thing I did note was when Bush was asked about his declaration earlier this year from the USS Lincoln that "major combat operations" were over, he said it was the crew of the Lincoln who were responsible for the "Mission Accomplished" banner. Isn't that interesting? It implies that the crew felt the US's mission was accomplished, not that the White House was asserting that in any way, oh, my, although until today that is exactly what the White House has implied.

Also noted more interesting language: the consistent use of "gathering danger" (imminent threat without the words "imminent threat") and the phrase "Iraq is a dangerous place", which came out of the President's mouth at least 4 times, in the text of the the speech and during Q&A.

UPDATE: You can read the full transcript (including Q&A) here.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Cool CSPAN-ness

Neat CSPAN call

...but I would just like to see them have...you know, if youre going to send these people to war then don't hide them, you know...and have some... have some news coverage where people are sitting and talking to these guys and seeing how they are and seeing their spirit and its just... I just... I think its a crime.

Follow the link above and read the whole thing.
Please Help Out

One of my fellows from The 3rd WWWave and Web, by Women, for Women would like your help in donating a brand new sofa to her local rape crisis center, in Northern California.

She's just moved, had put a down payment on the sofa, and now, can't actually take it. But the local rape crisis center can, if you chip in a few dollars for the remainder on the price.

If you've got a PayPal account, please consider making a sofa-donation to kjas@mindspring.com .

Obviously, this post has an inherent shelf-life, please consider contacting us before making a donation, if it's been more than a few weeks.
Bizarro World

Where more suicide bombings are a *good* sign!

Success in Iraq Provoking Attacks

So, if we start 'failing' in Iraq, everyone there will go home and start going about their lives normally. Is that it?

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Innocuous, not 'imminent'

Search in Iraq Fails to Find Nuclear Threat

Among the closely held internal judgments of the Iraq Survey Group, overseen by David Kay as special representative of CIA Director George J. Tenet, are that Iraq's nuclear weapons scientists did no significant arms-related work after 1991, that facilities with suspicious new construction proved benign, and that equipment of potential use to a nuclear program remained under seal or in civilian industrial use.