Saturday, February 21, 2009

note to self

story idea involving luddite enclave with dead librarian and a wired cop whose accessories all get turned off before he's allowed in to solve the murder

Torture Report Could be Trouble for Bush Lawyers

Well, well, well. Torture Report Could be Trouble for Bush Lawyers.

An internal Justice Department report on the conduct of senior lawyers who approved waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics is causing anxiety among former Bush administration officials. H. Marshall Jarrett, chief of the department's ethics watchdog unit, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), confirmed last year he was investigating whether the legal advice in crucial interrogation memos "was consistent with the professional standards that apply to Department of Justice attorneys." According to two knowledgeable sources who asked not to be identified discussing sensitive matters, a draft of the report was submitted in the final weeks of the Bush administration. It sharply criticized the legal work of two former top officials—Jay Bybee and John Yoo—as well as that of Steven Bradbury, who was chief of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) at the time the report was submitted, the sources said. (Bybee, Yoo and Bradbury did not respond to multiple requests for comment.)

Brockton Power Plant

Many things happening with my pro bono work, not the least of which is the Board voting to permit the plant but not give it a zoning exemption, so it has to go through local (municipal) review.

Plus: France shows us some class whilst the pope pets holocaust deniers.