Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cool Stuff, and Other Things

I am not in the mood to be a Serious Blogger (tm) today. Racism! Sexism! Torture! Law! Politics! Raining frogs!

There, enough for now. In other news:

Art student's car vanishing act

I will be participating in a toe-up sock knit-a-long on Ravelry, which I just joined (here's me on ravelry). Based on the newest Wendyknits book. I'm not a big sock-knitting fan, but I'm in love with some of the yarns I found at Etsy, and will knit as many pairs as I can stand to. Wendy's book: Socks from the Toe Up. I can't tell you why I'm not a big sock-knitting fan, as they seem to have all the characteristics of projects I would like - small, compact, portable, useful, etc. And yet.

Why have I not been able to download more Dollhouse episodes on iTunes? I was so happy (ok, with dialup, not 'happy' really, but happy to have the chance to see the show without spending $50/month on a cable subscription just for one TV show) about it.

Why doesn't Sidra have a cable TV subscription? I'm glad you asked. I go through phases where I'm not interested in television at all. I made a conscious decision to not subscribe to anything when I moved to my current apartment and began law school. My writing time is limited enough by having a demanding, challenging job, I don't need the distraction. And, if I have a TV, I'll watch it, even if it's crap. Which is stupid. So, I don't get TV reception. I don't miss it much, it just doesn't make sense to pay that money and have that much distraction for the pleasure of 2, maybe 3 TV shows.