Sunday, September 24, 2006

Read it. THE KISS OF DEATH: How the frenetic, heated, and borderline-insane race to oust Democratic Senate hawk Joe Lieberman brought new meaning to the term “partisan politics” By Kenneth Cain.

How to win a primary: stand up for what's right.

Long Tortuous Trip

Orcinus reminds us of how many opportunities we -- that's America we -- to behave like Americans. Like humans. Handmaidens to Torture.

Suppressing news reports.
Condoning torture all the way up the chain of command.
Pretending the Geneva Conventions don't apply to a practice like waterboarding.
Pretending one state (the U.S.) can define a preemptory norm that applies to the entire community of nations, that is just about the most basic international norm we have.
Barring the invocation of the Geneva Conventions in a U.S. court.
A president who apparently thinks torture will actually get you good intel.

Tracking the Torture Taxi