Sunday, October 10, 2004

Scalzi on the Pres. Debate(s)

Some days, Scalzi rules: "...feel free to call me a snob here, but I want more from a president than that he didn't soil himself live on television. If a victory can be derived simply from not embarrassing one's self, it's time to explore new metrics of victory."


That is so, so, SO true. Why do we settle, America, instead of strive? Why? What happened?

I haven't watched the debates. *Holds up hand*. I only read the transcripts, I don't have TV, and I'm not inclined to go to the local bar across from the law school just to watch. The easiest way to avoiding giving in to temptation (spending money one doesn't have, especially on 'demon drink' on a school night, thank you) is to avoid being tempted. I'll just come home and drink some tea, thank you.

(Plus, I was really expecting the local NPR station to broadcast the debates on the radio. I'm bummed they haven't.)