Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Don't Ask Me To Vote For You, Then

I just read this at, "Senator doesn’t agree with Leon de Judah church’s rhetoric, but supports its social services efforts" and I call bullshit.

Go read it, I'll wait. (Yes, that's my boss Mr. Ross being quoted, from my firm.)

Ready? Now then, lets address the argument:

If, as MassEquality posits, Senator Chang-Diaz's appearance at the church was an opportunity to "provid[] a witness to Leon de Judah that a progressive way of thinking about the world, and especially towards the LGBT community is ... right and just," then she needed to actually witness to Leon de Judah in order to pull that off. And there's nothing indicating that she did that, that she took advantage of the opportunity to witness and proclaim her alleged belief that you can be religious and gay-positive. (And obviously, you can, since many churches embrace their LGBT members.) So, bullshit. Because you witness by your actions, people, and her actions by attending this event without saying anything were simply "I support you", not "I love you but hate your sin of preaching against gay people."

Frankly, I'm pretty down on MassEquality for the offering this lame, after-the-fact justification for the Senator to try to use. And I'll be remembering this come donation time.