Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Green Circular Shawl -- Mohair


A circular shawl for my mom for Christmas. It's the shawl from "Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac" [Elizabeth Zimmerman. ISBN: 0-486-24178-5], done in a beautiful green mohair blend from Dharma Trading Company. My mom has red hair, she'll look fabulous in it. I was just recently back up at Dharma to pick up another couple final skeins, and snatched up some of a lovely pale gray that will, I believe, look great on ME no matter what my hair color is.

Monday, January 17, 2005

You know the funny thing?

I watched this, and the only thing that made an impression on me as "difficult to do" (recall that I've done databases and UIs for the past several years) was "negotiating the contract between Pizza Palace and the HMO".

Technically? You could do this today. Right now. Hell, you could have done it yesterday.

Yet Another Boring Epiphany about Our "Leaders"

The 'Salvador Option' (MSNBC, Jan 12, 2005)
Rumsfeld Dismisses 'Salvador Option' for Iraq (ABC News, Jan 12, 2005)*

Why are death squads a bad idea? I mean, aside from the moral reasons?

Because they don't work, and they've been demonstrated to not work**.

But Cheney and Rumsfeld, who were in administrations that used death squads, that watched death squads fail to achieve their stated goals, still want to try them now, today, here, in Iraq.


Because this is a world that they are creating. History might repeat itself for people who are members 'of the reality-based community', but not for them. Because they're making history. They're creating the world with their decisions, and death squads will work for them because they've decided death squads will work for them. They don't have to pay attention to history, because they, not history, are the motive force of the world.

*Rumsfeld says it ain't so, so now I know it must be true.
**Some have noted that this may depend on your definition of "work". But I think my point here about not "needing" to think about consequences may still be valid.

Finished Projects for Christmas and New Year's

One bright blue (Red Heart yarn) ski cap: finished in December and given as Christmas present.
One garter-stitch scarf in variagated yarn (Jiffy mohair-look yarn in some purple-y yarn, same as one I'd made a couple years ago): finished Chrismas Eve and given as Christmas present.
One green raglan sweater: finished January 4 or so, 2005. Ha! Finished!
One variagated (Jiffy Mohair-Look yarn - El Paso) ski cap: finished. Also, lost inside of a week, so I'll knit another one.
One pair handspun mittens: finished last week. Hand-knit and hand-spun! You betcha!