Saturday, February 15, 2003

Memo From the Twilight Zone

Tonight, we bring to you the story of a woman alone.

A woman who experiences the familiar parasomnia of believing someone is in her bedroom, when she is, in fact, alone.

Quite alone.

A woman, we might add, superstitious about the dead.

A woman who, for ill or no, has just viewed the X-Files episode "Millennium", before trundling off to her warm bed, her two cats curled up pleasantly nearby.

Tonight on The Twilight Zone, the chilling episode "Zombie FBI Agents Broke In and All I have is a Small Cat".

But first, this commercial break.... dee dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Oh, Poo, what the hell: Endless Trivia About Me

From shining moon, via Marshmallows & Bile:

  1. What is your name? Too clever by half.
  2. Age? 32.
  3. How old do you look? Mid-20's? Early-20's?
  4. How old do you act? Mmm. Varies.
  5. What's the last song you sang? "Fallin'", by Alicia Keys. At the restaurant during lunch. I think. Though I might have sung something since then.
  6. Have you recently become a member of anything? The ACLU.
  7. What did you do yesterday? Worked. Read a book I've read a million times before. (Intersperse this with petting cats, btw.)
  8. What did you do this weekend? Worked. Slept. Watched a dumb-silly action movie. Watched a funny-silly episode of "The Dead Zone". Studied the ClearQuest API.
  9. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? Closed.
  10. What's the sexiest thing about the opposite sex others? 'Bout men? As attracted as I am to hair and a great smile, what I find sexy is intelligence, passion, and humor.
  11. Do you sing in the shower? Friend, you have to duct-tape my mouth shut to get me to not sing all the time. Really. Of course I sing in the shower.
  12. Are you in love with anyone right now? I love several people. I don't think I'm in love with anyone. Well. Ask me again tomorrow.
  13. Have you ever said "I love you" and not meant it? sigh. Yes. And it feels terrible.
  14. Does anything on your body itch right now? Nope.
  15. What color is the carpet in your bedroom? Gray-ish-beige-taupe-charcoal? Something?
  16. Have you ever had a member of the opposite sex in your room? This apartment? Um, yes, the male segments of the band Moonlife (shameless plug! Moonlife rules!), I believe, and my dad. Oh, and the guys who delivered my bed. They kind of had to be in there, y'know?
  17. Who is the sexiest (wo)man alive? Women: Kate Winslet. Gillian Anderson. Drew Barrymore. Melanie Lynskey. *fans self*. Men: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp. Gabriel Byrne.
  18. If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would you save? Cats. No contest.
  19. Who was your first best friend? My twin brother, of course. We've known each other, like, for ever.
  20. Who is the next person you'll buy a birthday gift for? Does yesterday count? I had to get something new for Janis since the Amano calender is out of stock. Though, it was intended as a Christmas present. Well. Janis, I guess.
  21. What's your favourite number? Pi. 9. Felicitous 3. I dunno.
  22. Have you ever gotten detention, if so what for? I don't think so.
  23. What is your fave place to go on vacation? Mountains. Evergreens. *breathes deep*. Yeah.
  24. Up or down? Up.
  25. Did you like playing truth or dare? No, thank you.
  26. How many times a week do you bathe? Daily.
  27. Perfect wedding song? (casting about aimlessly) ...Hell if I know.
  28. The perfect breakfast? Eggs, sausage, maybe pancakes.
  29. What is your deepest, darkest secret? The only way to keep a secret, is to not tell it to other people.
  30. Funniest joke you ever heard? "Heisenberg walks into a bar. Maybe."
  31. Saddest movie? Argh. Um. "Schindler's List", maybe.
  32. Last movie you saw in the theatre? "The Two Towers."
  33. When's the last time you rode a bike? Probably been over a year.
  34. Who is the last person who asked for your phone number? I believe that was the first person who ever asked for my phone number.
  35. What is it like outside? Gray. Rainy.
  36. Last concert/play/sports event you went to? Beethoven's only opera, "Fidelio", with Janis.
  37. Next venue you are going to? "Thérèse Raquin" , another opera, by Pickert.
  38. Have you ever had phone sex? No.
  39. Do you separate your darks from whites? Depends on how many quarters I have.
  40. Do you have any piercings other than in your ears? Nope.
  41. What do you wear to work? Reasonably nice clothes, usually.
  42. Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Yes.
  43. Food you can't live without? Yes, very true.
  44. Do you own handcuffs? Metal cop handcuffs, or...something else?
  45. Do you like your friends? Isn't that part of the definition of "friend"?
  46. Are you a flirt? If in the company of outrageous flirts, I flirt outrageously. If hanging with wallflowers, I flower the wall. Part self-defense technique, part not wishing to impose on someone else's lifestyle. I'm big on balance.
  47. Do you miss anyone right now? I miss Bren the depth of oceans and the width of the wind.
  48. Are you very ticklish? Who me? *shakes head vigorously* No, no. Whatever gave you that idea?
  49. Would you ever go skinny-dipping? Nope. Bad self-image. Thanks for asking, though.
  50. Have you ever kissed someone you weren't going out with? *sighs dreamily* Yeah.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Canda, Beware!

The Next Big Threat . You guessed it, our "neighbor" to the north. Because, America has decided Canadians need Biometric ID Cards to enter the US.

Does something ring funny about that to you? I mean, I've got a passport, which by definition is a certification by my country's government that I am who I say I am, when I try to enter your country. That's it. So, either the US is saying it doesn't want to recognize Canadian passports anymore, or.....or.... come again?

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Patriot Act II

The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003

I read about this kind of thing, and I don't feel secure. I feel the exact opposite. Don't you?