Saturday, July 11, 2009

kidnapping? Yes, Sidra, kidnapping?

From the Sidra is Incredibly Dense and Incredibly Lucky Department.

So, this guy stalked and tried to kidnap me when I was 18 or 19. Actually, he tried to kidnap me and then stalked me. It took me 20 years and a student patron at the law library needing to look up information on attempt as a crime for me to realize that. I am so incredibly fucking stupid. I have also always thought that I used up all my luck in this life long ago, but now I wonder how I survived the car accident in the 90s at all, because, shit howdy, some guy tried to kidnap me and I got away unscathed 20 years ago. My luck should have been used up right then. No more. Holy crap. How is it that I am alive? No, seriously. And I should've plunged through the ice and drowned in Wasilla Lake years before that. I should have been raped and murdered in 1980. I mean, holy fucking cow. How many more near misses can one human have?

I wonder if the stalking afterward qualifies as renewed attempts to kidnap. That could be an interesting law school exam question.

(Attempt to commit a crime is a criminal act, but you generally need more than mere preparation to commit the crime, and to perform an act to actually "attempt" the crime. To pluck a not-at-all random example out of my past, try, say, putting your hand on my arm and trying to pull me into your car when I say "no" after you invite me into your car. Conspiracy to commit a crime works similarly.)