Friday, January 09, 2004

Give to Dean, give to the DNC

They're both the right thing to do. And that's what this election is about. The right thing.

Dean For America
Become a DNC ePatriot -- give today!

The Democratic Party needs your help -- now.

Actually, it's *you* who needs help. All of us do.

George W. Bush is using the real patriotism of the American people to cloak and push a special-interest agenda that Americans do not support.

There's nothing more patriotic than joining the fight to kick George W. Bush out of the White House in 2004.

To that end, I've officially joined the Democratic party, after years as a fiscal conservative/social liberal non-partisan voter. Well, the Republican party has demonstrated its fiscal irresponsibility, and has spent the past two years trying to trample your and my civil rights. I know that's not the party for me.

It's time to take a stand.

If you read this blog, or know me IRL, you already know I'm an active member of the Howard Dean campaign. I'll support any Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2004. Reclaiming our nation is the most important thing any one of us can do this year.

So, I've chosen to join ePatriots, the Democratic Party's grassroots fundraising effort, as well as working for the campaign of my preferred presidential candidate.

The DNC needs your help. Bush will have $250 million in the bank for his re-election effort.

How much is that in real-people money? Over 2500 times - hell, probably more like 5000 times - more than you've ever got a shot at making as your annual salary. And he's going to spend it all on spin, mudslinging and...knowing this administration the way we've come to, outright fabrications.
Stoopid Ads in Iowa

And different spins on it, too, for your enjoyment and edification:

Conservatives fire new shot at Dean, by Helen Kennedy.
Conservatives launch TV attack ad on Dean, by Ralph Z. Hallow.


You know what I hate about politics? The lowest common denominator that professional campaigners and admeisters and all those jerkoffs aim for is so goddamn low. Make no mistake, that remark is directed squarely at Club for Growth and all those other idiots who think 'Volvo-driving' is somehow demonic. Aren't they the safest cars, in, like, ever?

*rolls eyes*

I am not an idiot, and I have the sneaky suspicion many Iowans aren't either.

Meanwhile, hits the nail square on the head:

I really am looking forward to this election. It's going to be a perfect test case of whether or not this country deserves to survive. On the one hand we have an incumbent who is an objective failure in every area, who has amply demonstrated his contempt for everything this country stands for, and who seeks to be reinstalled solely with blatant deception, good visuals, and truckloads of money. On the other hand we have a short, unfriendly Yankee who speaks the truth without much, if any, regard for how the other side will twist his words. He just tells it like it is.
Will we, as an electorate, choose the guy who tells us what we want to hear, even when it's obvious with almost any degree of analysis that it's horseshit? Or will we choose the guy who tells the truth, but doesn't bother to sugarcoat it?

Me? I'm a truth fan.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


The nice thing about working this contract in Rowland Heights/City of Industry, not the commute...the Ranch 99 market just down the street, and all the little Viet and Thai and Japanese and Korean restaurants.

Red bean buns! Yum. Tuna seaweed roll! Yum!

Only a buck-seventy-five -- even yummer. And silk scarves for $10.00. Yummest.

Someone's got to do it

Somebody Has To Be The Control Freak. Via Medley, my Evil Triplet.

I have three things to say: Yep. Yep. Yep.

I agree completely. Because I would be totally happy to have the world take care of itself, I would. It'd save me a lot of grief. But you know what? When people like me stop watching...the world goes to hell in a handbasket. So we keep watching, because we live in the world. If it was just you, we wouldn't care quite so much. But it's us, too.

Hooray for the control freak!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Civit Cats Culled in response to SARS

China SARS Patient Recovers

I'm confused. I knew a new SARS case had been reported in China (the aforementioned recovering patient), but for a layman I followed SARS pretty closely and wasn't aware of any proposed correspondence between these animals (civit cats) and SARS. Are they a proposed repository? Why isn't WHO in charge of this?