Thursday, February 27, 2003

Onward, Pioneer

Though we'll never hear from you again. Pioneer 10, "the little spacecraft that could", was the first human craft to take detailed pictures of Jupiter, and the first human object to venture outside of our solar system. After 30 years, the power to its radio is finally dead, and the project team has "hung up their headphones".

One Giant Step Lasts for 30 Years

Pioneer 10 Sends Last Signal to Earth

Long Goodbye From Space's Pioneer

Pioneer 10 & 11 NASA's site for the project.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Cool Science

Neat stuff with water at the International Space Station.

"Quite by accident, we have made a most surprising observation," reports Don Pettit, the science officer of the International Space Station. It happened during his spare time on a Saturday morning last month. Pettit was preparing to make some weightless soap bubbles--just for fun--when he discovered a very curious property of water in space.

Saturday Morning Science

Monday, February 24, 2003

Shocked and Ashamed

Canadian in Passport Fiasco.

"A Toronto woman coming home from India says she was pulled aside at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, accused of using a fake Canadian passport, denied consular assistance and threatened with jail."

This is completely shameful. I feel like America has become Microsoft or something -- big, fat, willing to throw its weight around without regard for anybody, and thinks it can get away with anything. I am actually repulsed. How can this be my country? My wonderful land of opportunity and hope? This is the kind of story that you read about in some unstable totalitarian fly-by-night Third World joint with no regard for rights and the law, or worse, no rights to begin with. Not America. America is supposed to be a rufuge. I'm appalled.

Ms. Cruz, I'm so terribly, terribly sorry.

My country needs a swift kick in the ass, desperately.
Lysistrata Project

Staged readings of Aristaphanes' classic "Lysistrata". All over the world, hopefully near you.

Putting On a Play as Protest