Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DIEBOLD Up For Fraud

And high time, too.


Pollution Map

Dutch Scientists Create European Pollution Map

Canada saying no to US Patriot Act?

Canada drafts proposals to shield personal data from U.S. anti-terror law

A federal proposal would allow government departments to immediately cancel a contract with an American firm if it hands personal information about Canadians to U.S. anti-terrorism investigators.

From The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, thanks to a tip from Faz at Fusion Reaction

Supreme Court to hear redistricting case

Supreme Court to weigh Texas redistricting

The last time the Court attacked this question, they couldn't answer it. I mean, they really couldn't. Under the political question doctrine, they said, in a political gerrymandering case about 5 years ago, Vieth v. Jubelirer, that the Court had no standards to apply. Justice Kennedy concurred in the decision but said if standards did emerge, the issue could be revisited. Looks like maybe it is. This should be interesting. Makes me want to take Con Law over again in the Spring semester, just to work the problem in class.

Author Podcast Interview Now Available!

Interviews with authors of "L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. 21" - Show posted Dec 12, 2005

Me, Floris, and John!

For information on listening to the interview, whether you have an iPod or not, please visit DragonPage's main page.

Monday, December 12, 2005

We are about to lose New Orleans

Death of an American City

We are about to lose New Orleans. Whether it is a conscious plan to let the city rot until no one is willing to move back or honest paralysis over difficult questions, the moment is upon us when a major American city will die, leaving nothing but a few shells for tourists to visit like a museum.
We said this wouldn't happen. President Bush said it wouldn't happen. He stood in Jackson Square and said, "There is no way to imagine America without New Orleans." But it has been over three months since Hurricane Katrina struck and the city is in complete shambles.