Friday, June 01, 2012

Environmental Justice Resources Directory

I've been serving on planning committees for the upcoming Environmental Justice summit in Worcester, MA on June 9, at Clark University. One of the tools we're providing for advocates and activists is an EJ Resources Directory. It's also now available as a wiki, courtesy of the directory team, which is myself and colleague Erika G. I'm proud of our work and hope it will be a useful reference.  We'll be continuing to add to it over time.

Visit the wiki (including discussion forum) at

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Canada closing its marine pollution program

Canada closing its marine pollution program

"It's perplexing that we face the loss of this program, given the 25,000 chemicals on the market and the ever-increasing threats posed by shipping and oil and gas exploration and development in temperate and Arctic waters," Peter Ross told Ross is perhaps Canada's best known marine scientist for his work on identifying killer whales as the most contaminated marine mammals on the planet.

"As can be expected when one is told their position is being terminated, one is shocked and saddened," he added. "However, when told that the entire pollution research and monitoring program for Canada's oceans is being eliminated, I was speechless."
Yeah, I'm speechless, too.