Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Curses, again!

Apparently, I'm still extremely amused by An tInneal Mallachtaí - The Curse Engine, because here I am, posting about it again. I just love it. No, really.

May a pack of drunken Fomorians destroy your ill-gotten wealth.
Go scriosa scata Fomhórach ólta do chuid airgid caim.


that's guh SHKRIH-suh SKAH-tuh FO-wohr-ukh OLE-tuh duh khwihj A-rih-gihj KAH-ihm.

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<Foghorn Leghorn>Mwa ha, I say, mwa ha.</Foghorn Leghorn>

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Busy Bee

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Ate lunch with a fellow wannabe-filmmaker (a misnomer for me, anyway, but, there you have it -- I do want to write scripts, and I am focusing on fiction at the moment instead. It's a win-win, so long as I'm writing) and we dished Corporate Filmmaking and Hollywooooood Blockbusters™. Janis told 'em all about the gender-reversed ***** idea of hers, and I have really got to pick up a copy of the script for ***** so I can parody it. Why? Because I think it'd be even funnier as a straight parody, if I can use such a phrase.

Saw Two Towers again, swept up my brain on the way out of the theatre.

Saw, oh thank God and U.K. le Guin, the 1980 PBS production of "The Lathe of Heaven". A much, much, much, much, much truer adaptation of the book. I wonder if anyone's ever thought about Earthsea films. Maybe animated? There is a fantastic interview on the DVD with her and BIll Moyers. Ooo, ooh, ooh.