Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally, a Horoscope that's "Me"

From The Onion, of course:

Dec 11, 2007
An engrossing read will soon transport you to a strange and faraway land, leaving you stranded in Harlem after 30 missed stops.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Feminism the Movement and Feminism the Ideology

One may wax and wane, but every woman who says "I'm not a feminist, but" actually is one.

Why Young Women Fear the Feminist Label. Or: The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise of Feminism.

The Fundamentalism Project

Book series. Excellent discussion in context over at Group News Blog: Teen Killed by Fundamentalist Father

Canada Holds US Violating Convention Against Torture, Will Accept Refugees, Asylees

Federal court strikes down refugee agreement

"... The United States' policies and practices do not meet the conditions set down for authorizing Canada to enter into a STCA," Phelan wrote in his 126-page decision.

"The U.S. does not meet the Refugee Convention requirements nor the [UN] Convention Against Torture prohibition (the Maher Arar case being one example). Further, the STCA does not comply with the relevant provisions of the Charter."

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Reduce Oil Spills?

You know, if we used less oil, there'd probably be fewer oil spills of ships transporting the stuff or other facilities.

Beaches blackened in South Korea's worst oil spill.

San Francisco California Oil Spill Pilot To Surrender License

Philippines Oil Spill Spread to Lake Feared

Santa Barbara California: Crude Oil Spills into Sisquoc River Tributary

Russian Spills in Kerch Strait

And in other news,

BP Pleads Guilty in 2006 Alaska Spill. BP Exploration Alaska entered its guilty plea on Thursday, Nov. 29, to one violation of the Clean Water Act for a 200,000-gallon spill at the Prudhoe Bay field in March 2006.