Wednesday, October 16, 2002

You're Joking. You're Not Joking

"The TSA was created in response to the terrorist attacks. Congress set a Nov. 19 deadline for the agency to hire, train and deploy screeners to replace those working for private security firms."

"Federal screeners are now working at 160 of the nation's 429 commercial airports, the TSA said. Some of the 160 airports have federal screeners at all checkpoints and some have them only in some terminals."

"The federal screeners are [magically - sidra] supposed to be more attentive than the private screeners, Stempler said, and the remaining private screeners probably are doing better work because they hope to get better-paying jobs as federal screeners."

How condescending can you get? Oh, yeah, private screeners have a goal to work toward now. Now they have motivation. So, they'll work "better" and no more bomb-carrying idiots will get on a plane. All because they have a god-damn goal. Wups, I'd better re-check that bag, the scout from the Feds is supposed to be in the terminal today! Gotta look good, this could be my big break into the majors!

Give me air. Not that these people should want to a good job because they have, like, a work ethic, y'know?
The Right Words

"Their names we cannot list,
so many they are that lie
under the eternal guard of granite.

But know you who hear this,
No one is forgotten,
Nothing is forgotten."

-- Olga Berggolts

SINGAPORE: Three Singapore-based expatriates dead and five missing.
AUSTRALIA: Thirty dead, 113 with serious injuries and at least 160 missing.
BRITAIN: Nine dead, eight yet to be identified and 13 missing.
INDONESIA: Nine dead, 195 wounded.
BRAZIL: Two missing.
CANADA: Three wounded, one missing.
CHINA: One injured.
DENMARK: Two hurt, three missing.
ECUADOR: One dead.
FRANCE: Seven hurt, three seriously, and four missing.
GERMANY: One dead, 10 wounded and seven are missing.
GREECE: One hurt and one missing.
HONGKONG: Two British members of a Hong Kong rugby team killed, seven other team members missing.
ITALY: Six hurt.
JAPAN: Nine injured and several missing.
THE NETHERLANDS: One dead, two hurt and four missing.
NEW ZEALAND: One dead.
PORTUGAL: One missing, two hurt.
SOUTH AFRICA: One hurt, 19 missing.
SOUTH KOREA: Two missing.
SWEDEN: Three hurt, 10 missing.
SWITZERLAND: One dead, five hurt, two critically.
TAIWAN: Four missing.
UNITED STATES: Two killed, four hurt and five missing.