Friday, December 17, 2004

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Spinning Yarn: but what can I make with it?

I've been spinning recently, in between studying for exams (and taking them). I finished off some cranberry-peach-pinkish roving I bought almost two years ago (actually, I bought all my roving in about the same 3-month period), and am halfway done with some dark peach/cream roving I bought from the same person, same kind of roving, just different colors.

I'm not very good at figuring out how much I can knit with something, though, but I think this wool I'm spinning up now (into something that'll knit on, eh, size 5 or 7 US needles - that's around 4.0mm) could make a very pretty little vest. If I have enough yarn.

Otherwise...maybe spiral-knit legwarmers and a matching hat. Or something.

My spinning wheel is a Kromski Minstrel, which is a castle-style wheel, and I love it. I use it almost exclusively with Scotch tension, not the double drive.

So, spinning is good because I can sit and spin and watch an episode of The Avengers or The X-Files or something else on DVD, and turn my brain off from the exam-studying, without worrying that I'll get bogged down and lose a whole day or something, which is what could happen if I stick my nose in a book other than a textbook.

So, what's a good way of gauging what I can knit with something, based on what I have?

Well, there's the Knitting Fiend's yardage estimator. Or the conversion chart over at Fiber2Yarn. Or maybe has something.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Good grief, I'm actually offended

by my stupid CALI lesson on Assault.

Man leans over woman lying in her bed and makes indecent proposals.

Assault, or not?

Assault is the deliberate creation of an apprehension of a harmful touching. (If the harmful touching occurs, that's battery. The intent can be to create apprehension of touch, or the actual touch.)

Here's an excerpt of why my 'no' or 'maybe' answers were wrong:

"In any event, the man leaned over the bed: that's an overt act. Also, I think the only reasonable assumption to make on these facts is the man is close enough to touch the woman, so this places her in apprehension of imminent offensive body contact."

The only point that might make it possible to infer apprehension of harmful (unwanted) physical contact is the fact that the woman in this scenario is in her bed. There's no context of any kind, and I'm sorry, as an educated Western feminist, "indecent" to me is not a code word translating to "unwanted".

A man leans over my bed and whispers something "naughty" in my ear? And that's assault? Did you read the actual explanation here? "[T]he man is close enough to touch the woman, so this places her in apprehension of imminent offensive body contact." You realize I can infer from that statement that any time a man gets close enough to touch a woman, that's assault.

Are you kidding me?

Right, and all sex is rape.

Let's have some context here, people, for Pete's sake. How about "A strange man"? Then I might say: bed, 'indecent', leaning, okay, that could be assault.