Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I did so win the Writer's of the Future contest! I got the check in the mail today!

I'll be darned.

I must figure out what it is in that story that made it better than my others. Must must must. Actually have a clue there, too: I think it's the parenthood theme that grounds the story in a way a lot of my other stuff probably hasn't.

Of course, my opinion may change substantially the next time I read my WINNING CONTEST ENTRY (muahahahahahahaaha). We'll just have to see.

(Oh, shut up already, Sidra, cash the check and get drunk on the proceeds. You didn't write Watership Down, for Quetzlcoatl's sake. Oh, yeah? Well, maybe someday I will.)

There. You've now seen the inside of my head. Just as wrinkly, grey, and bloody as you expected, wasn't it?

Monday, April 26, 2004

Picture of Dorktitude: Me

God, I am such an easy lay. I went in to get a new charger for my 3-year-old Kyocera cell phone, and walked out with a new Samsung.

But it's a fliptop! Which I prefer! And, I only have about 20 phone numbers in my address book! So, big whoop-te-doo on the transfer, you know?

And, I got the cool $150 rebate, so the amount of money for the phone was about the same as that for the new charger I went in to purchase!!

And it gets better reception, oddly.

So, I'm going to turn in the old one somewhere, and let it get donated to the Salvation Army, or a battered women's home, or some such.

This was all perfectly reasonable! Really!



Touchscreen Voting On Hold in Ohio

Touchscreen Voting System On Hold

BELMONT COUNTY, OH -- Ohio voters planning to use the revolutionary touch-screen technology can likely forget it - at least for this year. A legislative committee says voters who use electronic machines should be able to confirm their choices with a paper receipt. Because the current voting boxes do not offer that option, the board has ordered Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell to cancel $128 million worth of Ohio voting machine contracts.