Monday, April 26, 2004

Picture of Dorktitude: Me

God, I am such an easy lay. I went in to get a new charger for my 3-year-old Kyocera cell phone, and walked out with a new Samsung.

But it's a fliptop! Which I prefer! And, I only have about 20 phone numbers in my address book! So, big whoop-te-doo on the transfer, you know?

And, I got the cool $150 rebate, so the amount of money for the phone was about the same as that for the new charger I went in to purchase!!

And it gets better reception, oddly.

So, I'm going to turn in the old one somewhere, and let it get donated to the Salvation Army, or a battered women's home, or some such.

This was all perfectly reasonable! Really!



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