Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yep, Abramoff is a Republican Scandal, Through and Through

A new analysis of Abramoff tribal money by a nonpartisan firm shows it’s a Republican scandal.

[I]t’s highly misleading to suggest that the tribes's giving to Dems was in any way comparable to their giving to the GOP. The analysis shows that when Abramoff took on his tribal clients, the majority of them dramatically ratcheted up donations to Republicans. Meanwhile, donations to Democrats from the same clients either dropped, remained largely static or, in two cases, rose by a far smaller percentage than the ones to Republicans did. This pattern suggests that whatever money went to Democrats, rather than having been steered by Abramoff, may have largely been money the tribes would have given anyway.

These patterns strongly suggest that Abramoff’s representation of the tribes manifested itself largely in a dramatic rise in contributions to the GOP. And it also suggests it’s likely that Abramoff had little impact on giving to Democrats.

The article notes "when Abramoff entered the picture, contributions to Dems dropped, while donations to Republicans more than doubled."

Sounds like Republican scandal to me.

The Truth About Abortion

When it's illegal, or 'suppressed', like it is today, women die.

Moms. Daughters. Sisters. Wives.

They die.

We die.

Maybe I die.

More at The 3rd WWWave

Faux "Joke" Should Get Coulter Arrested, IMO

For threatening a Supreme Court Justice.

I fail to find this thigh-slappingly funny, in much the same way that others might fail to find it funny when people joke about killing presidents, or popping off, say, half of the legislative branch of our government.

So, Ann Coulter engages in more "unhinged" speech by suggesting that Justice John Paul Stevens ought to be killed:
"We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said. "That's just a joke, for you in the media."
Of course! How could I have missed that? Just a joke!
Although, perhaps, Ann could explain just what was supposed to be humorous about it. Perhaps I'm just dense, but assassinations have never been very funny matters in my experience. Is this a new hip thing?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Pictures are Worth A Thousand Words

Here are many thousands: Indelible Images of a Failed Presidency

Thought for the Day

US audit finds 'spectacular' waste of funds in Iraq

And, in our corrupt center of government, Prosecutor Will Step Down From Lobbyist Case. To wit, "the chief prosecutor in the inquiry would step down next week because he had been nominated to a federal judgeship by President Bush." Hm!

So good to know, when, what, hundreds of thousands? of senior citizens are getting shafted by their "new and improved" medical care.
(PATIENTS SNARLED IN MEDICARE MESS, leaving the states holding the bag, natch.
State To Help Those Denied Drugs by Medicare Errors)

Meanwhile, my senators step up to the plate.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Required Reading on the Racist Extremist "Minutemen"

What's in a Name
Rotten From the Top
Rank Ranks
The Law in Their Hands
The Mainstream Embrace

And an earlier post, "Scaping the Goat", discussing the Minutemen as representing "the spear point -- the opening public-relations foray, as it were -- in a larger effort by right-wing extremists to scapegoat and demonize Latino immigrants, legal and otherwise."