Friday, August 09, 2002


Who? What? Where?

I read an article today on the BBC website, describing how a Khoisan native woman, who had been "paraded" around Europe in the 19th century was finally buried today in Cape Town. Khoisan are traditionally hunter-gatherers native to the southern tip of Africa. The Khoisan woman was treated as an oddity by Europeans, with her extra fat storage in her buttocks, and displayed as a freak.

[This is where the back of my brain mutters "Typical 19-century Europeans". Sigh.]

Interesting folks, Khoisan.

Good Quote

"If you have come here to help me,
You are wasting your time...
But if you have come because
Your liberation is bound up with mine,
Then let us work together."

- Aboriginal Woman

thanks to Chris, for passing it along

Thursday, August 08, 2002


Why do people need deadlines? Why is it once I promised someone a book review on Aug 10 2002, that made me actually sit down and read the book? Is it a compulsion to keep one's promises?

See? I'm almost done.

Oldtimer, New Blog

Hey, Faz has a blog. Absolutely beautiful design, just beautiful.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002


Chris recommended eMusic to me as a great site for downloading legit mp3's. It's subscriber based, and I signed up last night for a trial membership. After one CD download, I'm pretty sure I'll stick around. Download was easy, though to get a whole CD at once [instead of personally clicking one song at a time] I had to download and install Zinf, a FreeAmp player that works in Win and linux [yaaaaay]. Sure, the download of the CD took forever, but that's because I was dialed in using a 56K modem. What'd you expect?

Taking the downloaded mp3's and burning them to a minidisc was a piece of cake, once I looked up where the playlist was.

Oh, what CD? Liona Boyd, The Spanish Album. I love 'latin' music but never buy it because I just don't know the genre.

Monday, August 05, 2002

Wedded Bliss

I stood up with my parents this past Saturday as they tied the knot -- literally, as a handfasting was part of the ceremony. The immediate family gathered together [meaning direct offspring and their families, basically] and sent our parents off on the Cruise Ship O' Marriage. [The LOOOOOOOOOVE BOAT, dee dee de de de da da duh dum...]

It was great. I can't believe they're married! It's so cute!

Everyone mostly managed to hold it together, weepy-wise, which is good, because every last one of us forgot tissues.