Sunday, January 18, 2004

Ganseys and Distraction

When it comes to knitting, I'm eminently distractable.

ON HOLD-ish, JAN 2002:

I got TOTALLY distracted by this project. [see? what did I just say?] A big fluffy cardigan from the December 2001 issue of Knit N Style [page 37, the "Naomi" Cardigan]. I'm using 2 strands together of a pale blue and a blue/white/pink variegated yarn. Finished the back last night and started the left front. Mostly I just wanted to do something with the yarn. I have a matching pink solid that I'm going to do the pockets in, and the collar will just be in a solid pale blue. I might do the cuffs in just solid color as well, but haven't decided.

I hauled it out while rummaging through the stash about 10 days ago and don't like it at all. I may rip it back to nothingness. I'm not sure.

2002-2003 "Baby's First Gansey"

(no, no, it's not for a baby, I'm just being a smarty)

A basic gansey I started in Jiffy 'Santa Fe' variegated yarn. I'm going for the basics of the gansey style with very little embellishment. It just won't show up in that yarn, so there's no point. This one'll be for me, and I like simple. It's also enormous, and heavy, but who cares? It's my first gansey!

Nov 2002: Hate the sleeves, going to rip them out and redo.

Feb 2003: Finished the redo. Thinking of ripping out the garter welt and doing a matching blousing effect with ribbing.

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