Sunday, January 18, 2004

Christmas Knitting 2003


A headband for Janis, she of the enormous mane of hair, and resulting distaste for hats. I cast on using the waste yarn crochet method so I could pick the stitches back up later. 16 inches worth of stitches (64 for this project), join on circular needles. Knit any kind of ribbing (k4p4 in this case) for about 8 inches and then fold the thing, pick up the stitches from the cast on edge, and weave or otherwise bindoff the start and end edges together.

I worked in 3 different colors: navy (5 inches), hunter green (2 inches), and black (1 inch).


A cute little ski cap in black, navy, and light blue for my nephew. 8 inches of ribbing in Red Heart black, a couple rounds stockinette, and then colorwork with the navy, then a couple more rounds black, then color work with the navy and blue (including a couple decreases), some navy rounds, and color work (and decreasing to the end) with the light blue and navy. So the background colors go from black to navy to light blue, and the foreground colors from navy to light blue to navy. It looks very nice, I just made up the thing as I went along.


A thick, juicy scarf for my brother. In a soft black, knit in the round and then with the ends seamed -- to produce the effect of double knitting without actually double knitting. The 'front' of the scarf has two small panels of p1, twist stitch, p2, twist stitch, separated by k6.

Another gansey in Lion Brand "Pound of Love", Antique White 099. This is a gift for my dad, Jim [and I swear, we took a photo! I just don't have it yet.]. This stuff works up at about 4.5 st/inch in stockinette on size 8 US (5.0 mm) needles. Ribbing welt, initials in the plain area, and I've just finished the first design band, which means I have about another 5 inches or so before I start the underarm gusset(s). I'm doing the sheep's path, and other basic geometric designs on the panels. Being a pale yarn, everything shows up beautifully, and I'm loving working with this yarn. From
Knitting Ganseys, by Beth Brown-Reinsel.

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