Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Donating to Dean and the DNC

A fellow campaigner asked about my entry regarding donating to both the DNC and to the Dean campaign. Monetary limits, rules, that sort of thing.

I went over to the DNC's ePatriot page and read their FAQ, which I'm reproducing here, sans permission. It's helpful, but I don't think it's everything donors might want to know. I'll try to learn more and post it when I do!

Frequently asked questions about donating to the DNC via ePatriots

Q: I want to support a particular candidate. Why should I give to the DNC?

A: You can support your favorite candidate and the DNC.

The DNC is the only entity that can provide direct support to the presidential nominee, up to a specified dollar limit, for general election expenses, including polling, media, etc. -- even before our Convention begins on July 26, 2004. Such DNC support may prove absolutely critical if we have a competitive Democratic primary and face George Bush with his $200-million plus war chest to spend between their primaries and their convention.

The DNC is the only entity that can and will fully coordinate with the presidential nominee with respect to strategy and political operations.

The DNC will continue to be the driving force behind targeting, field strategy, and voter contact operations. And the DNC will still oversee the development and implementation of the coordinated campaign plans run on behalf of the Democratic ticket by each state party to register, identify, persuade, and turn out the Democratic vote.

Q: How will the DNC use my contribution?

A: Your contributions will be part of the DNC's special "Presidential Fund" -- an account that will collect the essential funds for the general election expenses and field operations described above upon his or her selection. The DNC will use this fund, for among other purposes to present the nominee with the maximum allowable financial support. All of the current candidates support this war chest, as they know that in addition to their own fundraising, this fund would be crucial to a Democratic victory in the general election.

Q: How much can I donate?

A: A lot -- and every dollar counts. Here are some quick facts:

An individual may contribute up to $25,000 per year to the DNC, and couples can give $50,000 total to the DNC per year.
Contributions to the DNC do not count against the $37,500 per-cycle donation limits for all federal candidates. There is a separate, $57,000 limit over a two-year election cycle for contributions to national party committees, other party committees, and federal PACs.

Q: Will any of my donation be used to fund the new DNC headquarters?

A: No. None of your contribution will go to fund the DNC's new headquarters. That vital project is already paid for by money already raised by the DNC.

Q: If I'm a DNC Sustaining Member, how do I suspend or cancel my monthly donation?

A: Sustaining members can suspend or cancel their donations by sending an email to dncmemberservices@dnc.org. Be sure to include a daytime phone number so we can contact you with any questions.

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