Sunday, January 18, 2004

New Year's Knitting 2004


(Started June/July 2002)

Garter stitch shawl with a little shoulder shaping, for best bud Janis. Worsted weight, my most colorful scraps. Yellow, red, white, black. If I had a neon green lying around, I'd use it. Just started, knitting from bottom point up in a very simple pattern from "Knitting in the Nordic Tradition", by Vibeke Lind, Annette Allen Jensen (translater).

Cast on one stitch. Turn, and knit into back and front. [2 st on needles]
Slip one as if to knit, knit into back and front. [3 st on needles]
Slip one, knit across, knit into back and front. Do that forever. You're always slipping the first stitch, and knitting two stitches in the final one. Everything else is just knit. This forms a pleasant textured edging that would be easy to pick up from if you wanted to add some kind of trim later.

There's a discussion of shaping I'll leave to those who read the book, but basically you don't do anything special until you're worked up toward the shoulder, then do some short-row shaping. Very traditional approach.

Finally completed the weekend after New Year, the color scheme came out to be red, yellow, and blue. We call it "The Crayola Shawl", and took pictures this last Friday night. Should have them shortly.

(later edited: full shot, close up, close up on neck shaping)

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