Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Downing Street, Joe Wilson, and Rove, oh my

Help Rep. Babara Lee's inquiry into the Downing Street memo

Congresswoman Barbara Lee and 29 co-sponsors are backing a Resolution of Inquiry which, if passed, will require the White House and the State Department to "transmit all information relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq."

Thompson, dems seeks information around Downing Street memo

"In addition, since the May 1 story in the Sunday London Times, seven additional documents have been leaked to the press," the letter reads. "Collectively, the documents present serious questions as to whether intelligence was manipulated and whether officials in both the U.S. and Britain misled the public as to whether military action in Iraq was really the last resort as both nations purported to be the case."

Truth, kids. That's aaaaalllll I'm asking for.

And while we're talking about manipulating intelligence, how about that Karl Rove?

Karl Rove in deep do-do? The man who always ends up smellin’ rosy "[O]ver the years Rove has been charged with more than just loose lips".

Bush: Rove has 'my compete confidence' despite leak

Bush said last month that he would fire anyone found to have acted illegally in the case, but critics accused him of lowering the "ethics bar." Bush and his aides have at times in the past been broader in saying that those involved in the leak would face consequences.

You know, I don't normally notice bias in the media, but that was the softest way possible to say "Bush had previously stated 'We must remember the high standards that come with high office', and is now backpedaling by saying well, if someone gets convicted maybe we'll fire 'em".

“Bush warned that he expected his White House staff to meet the highest ethical standards, avoiding not only violations of law, but even the appearance of impropriety.”
“”We must remember the high standards that come with high office,” he said. “This begins careful adherence with the rules. I expect every member of this administration to stay well within the boundaries [that] define legal and ethical conduct.”

Oh, I live for the day.

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