Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Sound of Silence

The resounding silence of this blog has been due to several factors, mostly interconnected:

* the death of our father, J.C. Stith. That's the twin 'we'.
* the attendant traveling almost exactly halfway around the world to say goodbye.
* the coming back.
* the resultant jetlag. Oh, dear, the jetlag.
* the complete lack of caring about anything other than my own personal issues right now, up to and including the song-and-dance Distraction Show called The Nomination of Roberts. (What's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan right now? What's 'Bush's Brain' doing right now, hmmm? Are the American people being distracted?)
* the trying to stay caught up for my last week of summer school.

I've come to the conclusion that human beings are not meant to travel so far, so fast. We should be on slow boats to wherever we go, so that the difference between sunrise and sunset is minimal, every day.

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