Monday, July 18, 2005

CIA Agent Outing: Sources Rove, Libby, at White House

Reporter Confirms Rove Leaked Info

Reporter ties Cheney aide to CIA story

For two years, the Bush administration has said that neither top presidential adviser Karl Rove nor Libby was involved in identifying [the agent], the covert CIA agent first named in a July 2003 article by syndicated columnist Robert Novak.

Why is this important, you may ask? Because the President of the United States promised to fire those responsible for the outing of this agent.

Because the White House lied for two years about who was responsible for -- let's face it -- destroying a CIA operative.

The President also lied to take us to war.

In fact, these lies are directly related to one another. If Ambassador Wilson hadn't said 'no' to the fake Iraq-Niger yellowcake connection, and CIA analysts hadn't said 'no' to pressure to support the party line, maybe this wouldn't have happened, but the US needed to make its case for war, so he and the CIA had to be pressured -- or at least, pay the price for not succumbing to pressure.

Cue Downing Street Memos.

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