Saturday, August 06, 2005

What the Hell: A Music Meme

Last week, someone tagged Medley with a song meme, and now that I'm back from Ireland, I thought I'd foist on you all what I've been listening to.

Sliabh Notes -- heard them in person in Galway, bought a CD in Doolin. I love the song "Galway", which I also heard them perform live. That's a beautiful song. And the Galway Sessions -- two weeks of music, music, music -- was just amazing as a whole.

Andy Irvine and Paul Brady -- bought on the shopkeeper's recommendation in Doolin. Definitely a good choice.

A couple of collections of 'essential Irish music' -- pub songs to instrumental airs.

George Michael's Listen Without Prejudice, vol 1 -- a fantastic album, especially Praying for Time and They Won't Go When I Go.

And I'm about to go hunting for the minidisc with 4 songs on it by Bright Eyes, because I could use some of that right about now.

While I was *in* Ireland, I listened to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, a mix of Hot Topic bands that I put together last year, and Ottmar Liebert (flamenco), all on my minidisc player -- I only brought 4 discs, and one (some bluesy stuff) I never listened to at all. And I listened to the Sliabh Notes album, but I had to borrow W's CD player and adapter to do that.

But, since I can't listen to people singing and study at the same time, I mostly had to stick to the LOTR and flamenco.

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