Sunday, May 22, 2005

You Know It's News Because It's Got a Cute Name: Koran-gate

I don't care about the cute name, as long as the US media maybe does some fucking REPORTING about it. Sometime soon would be nice.

Here's a start:

Dozens Have Alleged Koran's Mishandling

Pentagon Caught In Fib about Koran-gate?

Red Cross confirms abuse of Koran at Guantanamo

Red Cross Spokesperson: Guantanamo Detainees Make Complaints in 2002, 2003

Desecration of Quran at US detention centres not rare

An examination of hearing transcripts, court records and government documents, as well as interviews with former detainees, their lawyers, civil liberties groups and US military personnel, reveals dozens of accusations involving the Quran, not only at Guantanamo, but also at American-run detention facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Do you get how when it's happening all over the place you can't blame just a couple of "bad apples"? If it's endemic, that means it's policy. Official or unofficial, written or oral, it's policy.

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