Monday, May 23, 2005

GTMO Not Scary Enough, Must Build Gas Chamber!

Camp Delta death chamber plan

I am quite possibly at a complete loss for a response to this.

No, no, wait, I feel a rant coming...

Can America be any more wasteful? I mean, really. We are so god damned MARRIED to our technology that we have to build a special room just to kill people with, just in case these military tribunals come up guilty and the verdict is a sentence of death. Did you catch that? In case. So they're not working from scratch.

My god. Whatever happened to the firing squad? Whatever happened to lining up a bunch of guys and having them shoot a man to death? It's a skill all of our military personnel study to acquire in basic training. So, what, is it deemed too traumatic for the guys doing the firing, to kill a defenseless chap who has been imprisoned by US forces for however many years now for possibly no reason whatsoever, as if that is dramatically different from killing a defenseless chap on the street of Bagdhad who has been imprisoned in his own country by US forces for however many years now for possibly no reason whatsoever?

Maybe, if we - that's the American "we" - don't have the cojones to look a man in the face when we kill, maybe we're in the wrong damned business and shouldn't be killing them at all.

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