Sunday, May 29, 2005

Change is Inevitable

Listen to My Wife

In a world where most people are struggling, the search for "balance" in high-powered jobs has to be counted a luxury. Still, there is something telling (if not downright dysfunctional) when a society's most talented people feel they have to sacrifice the meaningful relationships every human craves as the price of exercising their talent.

The author talks about about how the people primarily trying to address this issue are women, and warns that if men don't get involved, the solutions will be women's, too. (Which, is not necessarily a bad thing, but I get his point: you could wind up with solutions that work for women and not men, or, more likely in my opinion, wind up with solutions that don't work because half the population isn't a part of it.)

Today talented people live in fear of sounding anything less than 24/7. Tell your boss you have to deal with a drinking problem and you'll be fine; say you want more time with your family and you're on the endangered species list. As a result, my wife says, we're being led by a class of people who made choices (because there was no alternative) that are alien to what most of us want.

And when it comes to fixing this problem,

Skeptics should recall that everyone once "knew" that a weekend or a minimum wage would spell economic ruin, too.

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