Saturday, June 04, 2005

Korangate, Qurangate, Potayto, Potahto

Pentagon: U.S. soldier kicked a Quran US admits roughing up a few Korans.

You might say, so, what's the big deal, Sid, coupla towelheads get their book a little dirty? Big whoop.

In which case, I might say you're an ignorant fool, if I was feeling particularly charitable. Because 'big whoop' is right. Defiling the Koran is very, very, big whoop.

Americans in particular wear a set of cute little blinders about, oh, everything, including religion. Anyone not-like-us doesn't really exist, get it? We don't see 'em on TV, or see pictures of them, so they must not be real. So, we get told that "out there" -- somewhere beyond the magic boundaries of Americaland, where everyone is white and Christian -- there are these funny brown people who get upset if you touch their book, eh, who cares?

News flash, fellow Americans: they care. Also news flash: there are more of them than there are of us (there are 1.3 billion Muslims "out there"[*], and 300 million Americans "in here"[**]) . And, news flash #3: many of them are willing to die over stuff like this, especially if they can take you out with them.

Yeah. Chew on that for a while. Tastes good, don't it?

Defiling the Koran isn't like someone throwing your Holy Bible across the room in a fit of rage. Or, even, say, urinating on it. Or touching it, even though the toucher isn't Christian. Ripping the pages. Writing obscenites in it.

Defiling the Koran isn't like touching a book, even the "holy book", is to an [American] Christian. It's like walking into a church, dropping your drawers in the middle of Easter Services, and shitting on the altar, then taking that shit in your hands and smearing it all over the preacher, the attendees, and then climbing up that big ol' cross in the middle of everything and shoving a nice big handful of your shit down Jesus' throat.

And then, walking out as if nothing untoward had happened. Hey, man, what's the big deal? It's a church. Just a building, right? Big whoop.

Newsweek didn't tell us anything new

Why is it so easy for Muslims to believe that Americans did this to their precious Korans, the living word of God? Because Americans have lied since day-fucking-one to everyone. About September 11th, who caused it (a bunch of Saudis), what to do about it (forget Afghanistan, let's invade Iraq), where the WMDs are (there aren't any), how many people have died (brown towelhead types don't count), about torturing said brown people, so this makes it all VERY EASY TO BELIEVE, since Americans obviously are the sociopath country who don't see anyone else around them as real in any way, shape, or form, and stick pins in little animals for fun, that they'd display the same lack of concern for a book -- and worse, actively trash it -- even though it is the cornerstone of a Muslim's practice of their faith.

[**] US Census

I'm listening to NPR right this second, going on about how Newsweek's retraction didn't make anti-Americanism go away, and how this is all Newsweek's fault. Well, that's because the Newsweek retraction didn't really stop anything. People are still being detained and tortured, and that includes having their religion actively defiled. Newsweek didn't create anti-Americanism, this retraction ain't gonna make it go away.

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