Friday, June 03, 2005

MoveOn, FAIR Urge Contact Media About Downing Street Memo is urging members to contact media about the Downing Street Memo.

FAIR's been doing so for a while: Network Viewers Still in the Dark on "Smoking Gun Memo".

The Washington Post's ombudsman, Michael Getler, who the previous week (5/8/05) had mentioned reader complaints about the Post's lack of memo coverage without evaluating their substance, revisited the issue with a much more critical eye in his most recent column (5/15/05). (The ombud gave back-handed credit to FAIR and the group Media Matters for America—both "self-described media watchdog organizations"—for prompting him to delve into the story.)

Slowly grinding forward, yes, but note that people like us can get attention focused on a subject, even if a bigwig or three would rather it went away.

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