Tuesday, June 28, 2005


In Alaska, 68 miles of contentious asphalt

But Emily Ferry, a conservationist for the Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, says the expense of road construction is being deliberately underestimated to win support, and many believe the actual cost will reach $1 billion because of the challenging terrain. The day the highway opens, if it ever does, it will be known as the most perilous in the world because of avalanches, she says. One state official said it will require an ongoing arsenal of bomb shells being detonated for seven months of the year to prevent snow slides.

Stupid. This road is f***ing stupid.

Murkowski makes it sounds like Alaska needs California-dense infrastructure or something, that it has to "catch up" from only having become a state in 1959. As if your state's street cred is all about, well, streets. That's f***ing stupid. There's 630,000 people in the whole state. We don't need freeways. Alaska's not California, and this is not some sort of highway version of the 'space race' or something between the states.

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