Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Critiquing Bush Fort Bragg Speech

Text of President Bush's speech (as released to press)

"I know Americans ask the question: Is the sacrifice worth it? It is worth it, and it is vital to the future security of our country. And tonight I will explain the reasons why."

OK. Thesis statement: it's worth it. The rest of the speech should be a point by point proof that "it's worth it".

Foreign fighters converging in Iraq to "fight the advance of peace and freedom".

" freedom takes root in Iraq, it will inspire millions across the Middle East to claim their liberty as well."

The terrorists believe Iraq to be "central front" of "war on terror".

So...because 'all' the terrorists are now in Iraq, we must defeat them there. That seems kind of circular, we made Iraq the "central front" of the the war on terror by invading.

...nature of enemy (evil), savage acts didn't stop Iraqis from voting, blah blah, advancement of freedom cannot be stopped.

...Iraq as "ally in the war on terror and a beacon of hope in a part of the world that is desperate for reform".

...Rebuilding country after/at war (hard).

To complete the mission, we will prevent al-Qaida and other foreign terrorists from turning Iraq into what Afghanistan was under the Taliban -- a safe haven from which they could launch attacks on America and our friends. And the best way to complete the mission is to help Iraqis build a free nation that can govern itself, sustain itself and defend itself.

(That's code for we're going to be there a long time.) This just reiterates the initial statement that because Iraq is where the terrorists are, that's where we have to fight them.

...Iraqi training...

"We will stay in Iraq as long as we are needed and not a day longer."

...Effects on other nations (citing Libya), our enemies are evil...

We fight today because Iraq now carries the hope of freedom in a vital region of the world, and the rise of democracy will be the ultimate triumph over radicalism and terror. And we fight today because terrorists want to attack our country and kill our citizens, and Iraq is where they are making their stand. So we will fight them there, we will fight them across the world and we will stay in the fight until the fight is won.

Pretty much the same as above.

...evil must be confronted...

And we know that this great ideal of human freedom entrusted to us in a special way and that the ideal of liberty is worth defending.

(that's code for we're God's chosen people)

...Our soldiers (great - well, they are), our enemy (evil), 9/11, kumbaya.

Hm. Point by point, huh? Domino effect on middle east, and terrorists just happen to be in iraq so we must fight them there. I'd have felt like there was more of a point by point analysis if the domino effect had gotten a bit more of an explanation. Or, any, actually. It seems like "it's worth it" because they're evil and we're good, and that's just a touch simplistic for me, you know?

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