Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Night of the Living Downing Street Memo

Boo-hoo, the Washington Post is peeved because the Downing Street Memo won't die. It! Just! Won't! Die!

Cry me a river.

You've got a document that maybe -- maybe -- confirms what those nasty anti-war yahoos like myself have been saying since day one: that the Bush administration chivvyed the nation into a war in Iraq for what may boil down to 'personal reasons'.

And, oh, no, people keep trying to talk about it! Why, oh why, oh why won't they just let it drop?

Oh, right. Because we were the nasty anti-war yahoos like myself. That's why.

Well, you know what? Letting it drop is not good enough, for anybody, regardless of pro-war or anti-war stance. That has nothing to do with it, actually. If the president lies, we need to find out about it. This is America, and if you haven't read the Constitution, may I suggest you do so now? I'm starting to think con law should be required in public high schools.

*snaps fingers* Oh, wait, they used to do something similar, didn't they? Civics, wasn't it? In high school? Taught you stuff like why it was important that each branch of the government balance against the other? Yeah, that stuff.

This is part of "that stuff". This is about holding the executive branch accountable for its actions. This is a normal function of our government, being held accountable. Or, secrecy-obsessed Bush Administration notwithstanding, it's supposed to be.

"It reminds me of Watergate, which started off as a tiny little incident reported in The Washington Post.", says Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.).

Yeah. Does, kinda, don't it?

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