Monday, June 06, 2005

If I Ran For Office

I'd run on the "I work for the American People" platform. It's pretty straightforward, you know? I'm a 'the people' myself. Have been all these years, since the day I was born, and I know what I worry about is how I'm going to pay off my school loans, what happens if a member of my family got sick, how to get more clean air and water for the kids that come after me, how to keep all kids off the streets and in school so they can have a shot at a decent life, because, god damn, if you don't have an education in America you can't move up any ladder anywhere.

You could get a lot done in four years or 6, or whatever many years, if you didn't spend over half of that time campaigning for re-election, don't you think?

This observation inspired by Whose Party Is It Anyway?

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