Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bush, Misleading

Bush says US is in Iraq because of attacks on US

President George W. Bush defended the war in Iraq, telling Americans the United States was forced into war because of the September 11 terror strikes.

So, because a bunch of *Saudis* working for Osama bin Laden flew planes into the WTC and Pentagon, we should invade *Iraq*.

Hey! My neighbor pissed me off, I think I'll beat up *this guy on the streetcorner over here* instead.

No, no.

Now, there *is* a causal relationship here. It's just not the one the President is claiming.

A bunch of terrorists, mostly Saudi, no Iraqis, attack us.
Osama bin Laden claims responsibility.
Bush says, hey, I could work up some serious political capital with the right war. But Afghanistan -- where OBL is -- is too rinky-dinky, I need something with a little more oomph. And I've always been mad at Saddam.
US invades Afghanistan.
US invades Iraq.

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