Thursday, September 04, 2003

Right and Wrong at the Same Time

NOW endorses Carol Mosely Braun.

Ampersand writes:

There is a time, I think, for progressives, leftists and liberals - including progressive feminists - to band together and concentrate on knocking Bush out of the White House. That time is later, after a candidate (hopefully one who is at least marginally acceptable to progressives and feminists) has been selected by Democratic voters. Meanwhile, however, it's perfectly appropriate to vote our dreams and principles. Maybe later it'll make sense to vote for something else, but if you can't vote - and endorse - your dreams in a primary, then when on earth can you?

I read this and winced hard. And then came back and re-read it, realized I'd completely misread it, and then winced hard again. I'm genuinely unsure where I stand. Should 'we' (liberals, libertarians, liberty-lovers and librarians *) band together now, pre-primary, and get someone electable selected, or wait and see who is selected and then make them electable?

One of those seems much more viable as a tactic, so, I may have just answered my question.

Yet, one should speak and vote one's mind. And that includes voting for the best candidate in the primary.

Interesting to note that the argument we must band together is self-evidently going to be the basis for Bush's re-election campaign next year, from a slightly different perspective. They'll be arguing "you can't afford to change horses midstream"! (Well, you can if the horse is rabid.) So the public 'we' will be asked to 'come together during this difficult time and support the sitting president' -- out of fear of what will happen if 'we' don't, not hope for what we can do together. This administration has never been about hope.

[*] Sorry. Poetic license.

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