Thursday, September 04, 2003

Neocon Conspiracy

The chocolate-makers crack is the last straw. I now officially believe that the Bush Administration and its proponents are actively trying to destroy all of the US's alliances.

Why? What have I said before? Power, and fear. Let me add to that an overwhelming sense of one's own righteousness in the One True Path™, that justifies the means by its very existence as an end.

This is (and let me beg the pardon of all the honest Christians who really do try to live their faith, to walk the talk*) missionarism taken to its utmost extreme. And that, in an ever-more-rapidly globalizing world where SARS can be in mainland China one day and Toronto the next, is evil.

[*] I know I bitch about Christianity a lot, but do I bitch about Jesus's teachings? No. Nor Mohammed's (may the blessings of Allah be upon him). But the religious institutions that have sprung up around both? You bet.

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