Saturday, March 17, 2012

Streamlining the Online Presence

Dang, that's an annoying idea, isn't it, the "online presence"? I'm so self-important I have an online presence!

"Digital self" sounds even more pretentious, though, and would probably trigger a lawsuit from someone representing the Wachowski Brothers.

Anyhow, I've deactivated and scheduled my Facebook account for deletion. I'll keep LinkedIn for now, since it doesn't annoy me. I've also deleted my old LiveJournal because LJ annoyed me one too many times and it's been over a year since I last posted, so anyone who wants to keep up with me from there has either come to terms with my absence or is following me on Dreamwidth. I'll keep the Dreamwidth account, because I love Dreamwidth in an intellectual way if not in a regular-posting kind of way. More properly, I love my current default icon, which I think sums up my attitude toward life pretty succinctly, pictures being worth a thousand words, at least, being the picture of a goblin in a hat. (see here)

Note that "annoying" v. not-annoying seems to be a primary consideration in deciding what to shitcan and what not. That'd be accurate, friends and neighbors, that'd be accurate. Sure, there's a lot of water under the bridge and I'm likely to be less annoyed by trivialities, precocious children (terrible hypocrisy on my part to begin with given that I was one), traffic, drunk people on the T, but there are still a great host of forever-renewing things that manage to chafe my proverbial buns.

As always, this blog remains hanging on by its teeth. It doesn't whine when I ignore it, so.... low annoyance quotient.

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