Friday, July 29, 2011

"God Told Me to Run" is Not a Qualification for Elected Office

Just for the record: I do not think that "God told me to" is a great reason to run for elected office in the United States. I'm also not keen on "God mentioned it to me the other day as a possibility", or "God and I were at the same barbecue and He didn't say anything about my idea to run for office so it must be OK," or even "God never replied to my email on the subject."

Anyone who claims God is telling them to do so specific as to run for President is, IMO, lying to cover up some other reason. You know, like an extreme thirst for power. Or something like that.

OH, wait, or (but possibly in addition to an extreme thirst for power) demonstrating their total contempt for people trying to live simple, moral lives with careful thought about their actions relative to their religious beliefs, as opposed to cookie-cutter Capitalist Jesus wankery.

(I am annoyed at my country's attitudes toward religion today, as well as at many people who keep wanting to run my country on the basis of their Awesome Love of Jesus. Can you tell?)

This post brought to you by Dubya, Sarah, and Michelle, and I'm sure, so many more idiots who try to claim divine right.

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