Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tea report - Adagio Teas Black Tea Sampler

So, Faz gave me a gift certificate ages ago to Adagio Teas and they nudged me a few weeks ago and reminded me to use it. So, I ordered their black tea sampler so I could, you know, sample. Here's the results:

Keemun Concerto. Interesting, mild, probably not going to be a fave but good to serve someone whose tastes you don't know.

Yunnan Jig. Smooth, pretty hearty, good on a rainy day like today. I like it.

Golden Monkey. Sort of an earthy odor in the leaves, mild, smooth flavor. Gee, that sounds like a cigar ad.

Assam Melody. I like it.

Darjeeling #22. Much as I like them all so far, this one probably says "Sidra's day-to-day tea" the most.

Ceylon Sonata. Another good Sidra Daily Tea, I think, but prefer the Darjeeling #22.

Capricorn: Freebie. Some kind of flavored custom blend. Vanilla smell, but I don't taste any. Not a fave but I'll drink the rest of it and be so adventurous as to try other flavored stuff.

I came back and had another Keemun Concerto yesterday, now that I've tried them all, and I think I like it better the second time around.

Anyway, it's a goodly amount of yummy tea for $16 and the tins are cute. I love stuff like that.