Saturday, April 04, 2009

Glenn Beck is a douche

Who knows absolutely nothing about wind energy, obviously.

More Beck Babble: Wind power needs nukes to work

Wind, when it blows, makes energy. When it stops, you can't store it, so what's making the energy? Wind energy doesn't work without something else making energy for when the wind stops, which it does -- especially if Al Gore controls the temperature, and all the winds and everything else, so we never have blowy days!

Is this what contemporary America calls journalism or something, or is he technically a pundit and therefore granted license to be a completely ignorant blowhard? Pardon the pun.

Or, she said optimistically, is this an Andy Kaufman-esque piece of performance art?

No, probably not.

The wind is going to keep blowing, my friends, since we do not have futuristic weather-control machines. That's only in 1980s-era James Bond movies, I'm afraid.

Maybe we need "journalistish" now, to go along with "truthiness".