Sunday, November 16, 2008

From the puff pastry department

The slogan of this blog goes back and from between "from politics to programming, paramecia to puff pastries" and "things that keep you, things that kill you," when I've got the skeletons up in the fall.

Time for an alert from the puff pastries department: There is a new mexican restaurant in Boston, near the corner of Tremont and Stuart, just a block downhill from Boylston station. Don't cross Stuart as if you're walking to the Wang Theatre, that's too far.

Maria's Taqueira: It's a hole in the wall, with walls painted orange and blue, a small coat of armor (yep! you read that right), over by the tables, and half the people in there when I stopped by to check it out were speaking spanish. Always a good sign.

The menu is straightforward - tacos, burritos, tortas. The carnitas (that's pork) tacos were excellent. I wanted to go right back after work and try something else off the menu.