Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TV Torture Changes Real Interrogation Techniques

TV Torture Changes Real Interrogation Techniques

David Danzig:

It used to be [on TV] it was always the bad guys who used [torture] .... When they used these kinds of techniques, they never worked....This stuff doesn't work in the real world...

Terri Gross asked Col. Harrington, what are some of the myths of the effectiveness of torture?

His answer:

* that it works at all
* that information can be obtained quickly

Plus, the ticking time bomb scenario, in the real world, just doesn't happen.

Col. Harrington: "Harsh conditions...[are] counterproductive."

Terri Gross: You keep saying that professionals know better than to use these kinds of torture techniques. Are you implying that amateurs who really didn't know better who were responsible for putting these techniques into place?

Col. Herrington: I'll do better than implying. I'll say it. Yes.