Monday, January 08, 2007

One-Liner for Law

Kim at Cinnamon Swirl challenged a few of us recently to come up with a one-sentence summary of our fields. What would we write down for posterity?

Well, I've been thinking about it since (actually, I've been thinking about what I came up with since before she suggested this), but my problem was coming up with something that wasn't too pithy. It's great to say "law isn't justice" or "laws are made by people", but is that meaningful for a post-apocalyptic society that's lost all knowledge of the legal field? Best to unpack it a little more.

Here's what I arrived at:

Laws are made by imperfect people in the pursuit of justice and harmonious relationships amongst themselves; laws are not justice, but the tools by which we try to achieve such.

Or, maybe "laws are imperfect, one-size-fits-all tools used to create resolutions to unique disputes between individuals; leave wiggle room when making a law, you'll need it to find justice."

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